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Things I Recommend You Buy and Use

This page was inspired by this post from Sam Bowman.

This is a living document where I highlight some less obvious things I love using or that significantly improve my quality of life. I hope you find some useful recommendations here!

Please note that none of the links provided here are sponsored - this list is based on my own, (un)biased experience.


  1. A computer mouse with at
    • Allows you to easily navigate between previously visited browser pages (and other applications!) with your thumb.
      • e.g.
        • 1st side button -> Go forward a page
        • 2nd side button -> Go back a page
  2. Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones (e.g. Bose QuietComforts)
    • Great for listening to podcasts, articles, etc. on the go
    • A must-have for commuting by train or trolley!




  1. A well-fitted sleep mask - The Bucky 40 Blinks sleep mask has worked well for me. It fits my face well and doesn't provide - Face shapes differ, so YMMV. - I am blessed with being able to fall asleep quickly, so I am not too sensitive to small irritations.


  1. Soylent Meal Replacement Powder - I am the type of person that forgets to eat sometimes. Soylent provides a quick and easy way to provide the calories and nutrition my body needs.
    • Although I do try to cook regular meals, Soylent helps supplement my meals when I'm either low on food or haven't had time to cook.
    • The best meal replacement powder depends depends largely on your individual needs. Choose one that satisfies your unique budget constraints and nutritional requirements.



  • A THICK (>0.5") yogo mat
    • At the time of this writing, I am a pretty bony person. This means that during stretching, doing yoga, or other bodyweight exercises, I tend to put significant amount of pressure on the parts of my body that don't have a lot of flesh to cushion them. Ouch! Having a ~0.5" yoga mat solves this problem.