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Build a fence around your solution

Quinn McHugh
Quinn McHugh

Marketing protip: When communicating your idea or solution, make sure to touch upon how it is different from anything existing your users might have heard of.

I've come across numerous ideas, products, approaches, or other innovations that thoroughly explain what they are are how they work, but don't explicitly tell the users what it adds the existing solution space.

Why is this important?

  • It streamlines knowledge transfer - some of your potential users/supporters already have a good conceptual model of solutions similar to yours. Explaining how your idea relates to these makes it that much easier for them to understand what you bring to the table, leveraging the cognitive scaffolding they've already built.
  • It makes a positive impression - communicating in this way signals that you already have a good understanding existing solutions. As a potential user, this gives me greater confidence that what you offer is actually better than the competition