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Productivity as a personal health initiative

Quinn McHugh
Quinn McHugh

Creating a productivity system that works for your unique life situation can yield numerous of benefits.

Benefits such as:

However, it's too easy to view these systems purely as mechanisms to boost your productivity. That is, viewing them as valuable because they help you "get more stuff done".

To me, these systems aren't only valuable because they increase your individual capacity - they also play an integral role in preserving your cognitive health. Reducing the clutter your mind has to remember and keep track of is not just a strategy for staying organized; it's a way to care for your brain.

A brain drowning in information is not a healthy brain.

Consider your brain as a muscle. Over-exertion and continuous strain can lead to fatigue and damage, impairing its long-term functionality. So, as you exercise your body for physical health, remember to care for your mental muscle too - it's equally vital, if not more.